Friday, September 20, 2013

The sunflowers are coming; the sunflowers are coming

I decided to spend some time this morning walking around the garden before heading in to work. It has been a slow week in the garden. The weather has been cool, autumnal even, but dry and we are stuck between the summer blooms fading the the fall blooms not yet here.

Our mound of native sunflowers (I need my wife's help IDing them but she's been traveling) are getting close. Each stalk has several bloom on them.

This is what they will end up looking like.

And while I was out a scared off a couple of deer. And they flushed a Turkey Vulture that was perched in the Oak tree hanging over the yard. I followed the bird back to the marsh where I could see it looking out over the marsh.

It was definitely a nice walk through the garden. Now back to the rat race.

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