Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Here comes the water

A cold front passed through the area a couple of days ago and then stalled off the coast and has been forming into a coastal storm. A nor'easter if you will. We are always susceptible to tidal flooding when there is a strong coastal storm. Luckily, this one seems pretty moderate so no threat to property, just a wet walk to the pier.

My wife and I took a stroll out to the pier just before high tide. The water is peaking at about 5 ft above the mean low low water (MLLW) line.

Neighbor's yard. The water comes much closer to their house than it does ours.

The water is up to mid-calf

This is usually all marsh grass with no water in sight

Can you find the creek?

Adventure Girl braving the storm

The neighbor's boat is about to set sail from the boat lift