Saturday, September 21, 2013

Marsh Spiders and Hungry Egrets

Today I was was out in the marsh replacing some of the more decrepit boards on the pier. I took my camera out with me since in the past spending that much time in the marsh has led to some interesting sightings even if I am making a lot of noise. Today, I saw this interesting web. At first I thought it might be something like a wasp's nest since I was looking without binoculars. But when I brought the camera along I realized it was a web. And then the spider came out from underneath. I've looked around but haven't yet identified the spider. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

The sticks are part of a marsh shrub. And here is a close up of the spider.

And finally, out in the creek was this Great Egret feeding. I finally made a video where I didn't turn the camera vertical first. I knew someday I would learn.

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