Sunday, March 17, 2013

Suffolk Art Show

A local, small art museum holds an annual juried photography show. A friend of mine convinced me to submit some photos last year. I managed to get one of three selected. It was actually my least favorite of the three I submitted but perhaps the most "artistic." It was this rather graphical crushed bike on a bridge in Amsterdam.
Dutch Transportation
This year I came up with three more to submit and again one was selected. After seeing the show, I'm kind of surprised that I got any in as the jurist had quite a different artistic eye than I do. I was not impressed with many of the selections that got in but I guess that is the nature of art. Most of my interaction with photographers are people who focus on nature and landscape photography. Much of this show is more fine art and graphical photography. So it is definitely interesting seeing how others approach photography.

Perhaps the most interesting submission was a small box with three glass panes in it. Each pane had a portion of a picture of a flock of birds departing a tree. There was a small light in the back that lit the scene. It gave an interesting 3D impression.

Below are my submissions with the top one being the one selected.

Lupines on Hurricane Ridge

Rainy Afternoon
Northern Gannets

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