Sunday, March 10, 2013

Early Spring Visitors

Today, the first day of daylight savings time, we have a few uncommon visitors to the yard. I was out taking test shots with my new Canon 7D when I heard some shorebirds approaching. They were only making single peek calls but as they flew overhead I saw that they were Killdeer. They landed in a muddy spot in the marsh and started feeding. Finally they gave their classic kill-deer call. I switched lens and called my wife back to see them. Luckily they stayed for quite some time. Really too far to photograph except for identification purposes. We've had Killdeer over the marsh before but this is the first time I remember seeing them land. And four at once!

We then saw a Tree Swallow, first-of-season, and Laughing Gull, also first-of-season. The Tree Swallow is new for our yard list. Probably a bookkeeping error as we both think we have seen them before here. We ended up with 28 species including two immature Bald Eagles that seemed to be fighting for the same wind. they were slowing rising on a thermal over the creek but once seemed to purposely run into the other occasionally. We also saw a Double-crested Cormorant swimming in the creek. Again,  I don't remember seeing one swimming in the creek right here.

Good way to call Spring closer.

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