Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Flowing Tides

One of my cool toys is a WingScapes BirdCam.  It is a motion-sensitive camera that is designed to take pictures at bird feeders or baths or the like.  But it also has a time-lapse option and I've made use of that several times.  You set the interval and then it just snaps away until you stop it.  If the flash is on, it will even take pictures during the night.  Without the flash it is smart enough not to take pictures when it is too dark.  I then copy all of the images to the computer and turn them into a movie.  I use the flip-book option in Photoshop Elements.  This is the same camera I used to capture the marauding raccoons last month.

Last week I decided that I would start a series of post about the marsh we have in our back yard.  As I mentioned in my first post, our yard backs up to a brackish, tidal marsh.  A previous owner had built a large pier leading to a boat dock on a creek that leads out to the Chesapeake Bay. So to start this series I decided to make a video of the tide coming in and out.  I ended up leaving the camera out for a few days so you can see the creek coming and going and the sun rising and passing overhead.  It was very foggy for a couple of the days and and you can see the lens get fogged up in the mornings. 

Keep coming back over the next week or so as I make some more posts about the marsh.

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