Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Some Random Links

I've come across several interesting science articles that last few days and thought I would share them.

  • Science News reports on the strange lifestyle of the Pink Fairy Armadillo. This small armadillo from Argentina lives mainly underground moving dirt from in front of it to behind. It then backs up to compact the newly moved dirt. Those are quite some claws it has.
  • Several places, including National Geographic, are reporting on the discovery of ancient seawater being found under the crater formed when an asteroid impacted the lower Chesapeake Bay 35 million years ago. The water is estimated to be between 100 - 135 million years old and had been stored in the existing sediment. The impact just buried the water even better. [I live on the edge of this impact crater and was in the area when the extent of the crater was discovered in the mid 1990's.
  • NPR is reporting on the Dance to your PhD contest where entrants make short videos of interpretative dance to explain their doctoral research. There are some pretty interesting dances.

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