Thursday, June 7, 2012

Laughing Gull Lunch

While I was sitting out on our pier this past weekend, this Laughing Gull came around the bend following a piece of food flowing in on the tide.  I never did figure out what it was after; bread maybe? But if so, who throw it in as it didn't come from a direction with much access?

The gull circled around four or five times snagging little pieces but never able to get the whole piece.  I like the shape and pattern in this next image as the gull pulls up and away after another missed approach.

Finally the gull managed to get a pretty large piece off right before it disappeared under our boat dock. It then flew up and landed on a piling to eat in peace.

Enjoy your lunch today and be sure to check out fabulous bird photos at World Bird Wednesday and Tuesday's Tweets.

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