Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Red-headed Woodpecker

Last week I went out photographing in hopes of getting some photos of bluebirds. Earlier I had been to the spot birdwatching and there were several bluebirds, including some recent fledglings, and I thoughts it would be a great place to focus on the bluebirds.  But when I arrived it was dead quiet.  I waited around about 20 minutes and all I saw were a couple of goldfinches flying overhead.  I was about 2 hours earlier than I had been there birdwatching so I decided to try a different part of the park and return in hopes of finding more bluebirds later in the morning.

I never did find much bluebird activity.  When I returned to the spot there was one bird that perched on top a house but then left and didn't return.  But in between I encountered some red-headed woodpeckers.  Two birds came in to a couple of snags that were close together.  I had a pretty good view of one of the two.  One of the two occasionally visited a hold in a third tree that looked like a nesting hole.  I didn't hear or see any sign of babies but it surely looked like one.

Unfortunately the birds were at the top of some pretty tall snags and I was too far away and too far under the bird to get really good photos.  Maybe that means I need a longer lens!!!

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  1. These are cool shots of the Red-headed Woodpecker Bryan. Out West, where I am, the Bluebirds are all nesting and therefore won't be too visible for a couple more weeks. But once their first broods fledge, you should be seeing many more Bluebirds there.

  2. Beautiful bird!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  3. Beautiful bird and spectacular color against that blue sky.

  4. A bird I still havn't seen and believe me it's right on top of my list!

    1. Definitely worth finding. Perhaps the most beautiful of the North American Woodpeckers; although the Pileated is pretty close. This park is a pretty reliable place for them.

  5. Gorgeous bird! And the red is so striking!

  6. Like your photos here. The bird against the blue sky! Beautiful!