Saturday, April 14, 2012

Robert Doisneau's birthday

Today is the 100th anniversary of the birth of Robert Doisneau, the famed French street photographer.  When I was in High School I worked in an art shop in a mall selling cheap posters of famous art work in cheap frames (and all at 50% off, 50 weeks a year).  But I did get to see some good photography and developed a liking for three photographers: Ansel Adams, Bob Talbot, and Robert Doisneau.  I liked Doisneau's black and white street scenes of Paris.  Although I have never felt comfortable with street photography (too shy I guess), I've always enjoyed Doisneau's images.  And when traveling, I try to force myself to get a few. 

These are not even in the same class as Doisneau's but my interpretation of the streets of Europe in black and white.

A common sight in Amsterdam; a bike on the road
This bike was left too long on the side of a canal

Late at night in Brussels at Panos

I submitted the crushed bike to a local juried exhibition and it was selected.  My first photograph selected for a photography show. 


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