Friday, January 20, 2012


Great Blue Heron waiting for dinner
Many years ago a series of encounters with Great Blue Herons started me on my adventures with birdwatching.  Just as I was starting birdwatching, I saw a Great Blue Heron every day.  Sometimes one would just fly across the road as I was driving.  Other days I would see one at the park or the pond at school near where I parked.  I really liked the birds: they were large, beautiful and easy to identify.  I loved the gangly but efficient way they flew and how they would slowly walk, always on the lookout for prey.  The constant excitement drew me in further to birdwatching and that eventually re-lit my interest in nature.

Night Heron
 Now I'm lucky to live somewhere where seeing a range of herons and egrets is a regular occurrence.  Both of these images were taken in my back yard.  And that points out another of my interest: nature photography. Combining birdwatching, and nature studies in general, with photography has given me a new way to enjoy the world around us.  Although sometimes, too many interests leads to a sore back as I try to carry binoculars, several field guides, a spotting scope and camera all at once.  
Great Egret flying back to its nightly roost

In this blog, I hope to capture some of my adventures outside with birds, bugs, plants, mushrooms (a favorite of mine), and my attempts to photograph them all.  Here's hoping it will be fun.


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